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Greenfield Lake Park

Greenfield Lake Park is a stunning city park situated just a couple miles from Historic Downtown Wilmington, North Carolina. The park includes a flat four mile walking and biking path which weaves its method around the lake back to the main parking area.

Greenfield Lake is a popular fishing area for locals who frequently gather together at the spillway at the southwestern corner of the lake. Locals and visitors can also go out on the water by means of several boat launches located around the lake.

There are canoe and paddleboat rentals, run by volunteers from the Cape Fear River Watch, located next to the primary parking area. There are also tennis courts and washroom facilities close to the park’s main entrance.

Kids Activities – Why They’ll Dig It

Kids enjoy the Greenfield Lake Park for its multiple play areas, skateboard park, and picnic areas and the possibility to see great deals of turtles, birds, and the occasional alligator.

It Really is Stunning

We enjoy Greenfield and have invested many a day circling the lake on our bikes, running, fishing, and just unwinding in the shade. If you are in Wilmington when the azaleas are in flower, Greenfield Lake is a must-see. If you \’re short on time or energy, you can drive around the lake. It’s amazingly stunning and allegedly the motivation for starting the Azalea Festival in Wilmington. Our family moved here from Vermont back in 2005 and I can still remember the very first time we walked around Greenfield in April. The colors were so dynamic it did not appear real.

A Short History of Greenfield Lake

According to Cape Fear River Watch’s website, Greenfield Lake was built in the 1730’s by Dr. Samuel Green to assist with rice production. In the early 1900’s the lake ended up being a popular entertainment destination for swimming and boating and there was as soon as a theme park on the park land. In 1925 the city bought the land for $25,000.

Greenfield Grind Skate Park

Greenfield has a great 9,000 square foot skate park which is normally open Tuesday through Saturday from midday to 10:00 PM. And, Sunday from 1 P.M. to 8 P.M.


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